Will Colombia Descend Into Chavismo?

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Supporters of former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe took to the streets of Bogotá (Colombia). Sympathizers took to the streets of several Colombian cities in caravans of vehicles as a show of support for the senator. The Colombian Supreme Court ordered his house arrest last Tuesday. (EFE)

Spanish – Colombia’s about to suffer a convulsion because of some idiots. No, not those on the left, who are quite cunning and efficient at doing evil. Some idiots, too naive, dumb, who look a lot like the many Venezuelans, who, twenty years ago, whispered, “I don’t think so.”

They did not believe it back then, and look at them now, wretched, corrupt, persecuted and even killed. And there are many Colombians, with this example just a few miles away, who prefer to look away, whispering to themselves: “I’m not going to be screwed.” But I have a great friend who says: “We all have a number on our back.”

The chase against Uribe is the cherry on top. But it’s so much! The country is subordinated to the FARC, as in Mexico, they have succumbed to coca cartels. A weak presidency, too fragile, which succeeded another one of a perverse Machiavellian. Although former president Santos gave Colombia away to some criminals, he walks around foreign universities, lecturing with a Nobel Prize in his hands.

Everything sucks. We can’t afford to have Colombia fall. But there she goes, disciplined, with one hand on her temple and the other on her thigh. Without looking to the sides, step by step, straight into the ravine.

And it’s all the fault of the idiots. The bad guys never stop working. I love to quote Yeats because what he says in his poem The Second Coming as a leitmotif of Latin American tragedies: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

One wonders: when the hell will Colombia wake up? Will the monster enter Nariño? Meanwhile, the bad guys will continue to chase the good guys, freeing the narcos, allowing them to escape to the Bolivarian paradise. Ready for the triumphant comeback: to take over Bogotá and let Castrismo reign, forever and ever.

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