Why Chavismo Is Winning in Venezuela

AME9642. CARACAS (VENEZUELA), 05/01/2020.- Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó (c), surrounded by members of the press, leaves the vicinity of the Federal Legislative Palace after members of the police and the Bolivarian National Guard prevented him from entering the session of the National Assembly this Sunday in Caracas, Venezuela. EFE/ Miguel Gutiérrez

We were all shocked by what happened this Sunday. The series of events was beyond everyone’s political calculations. Everyone is in the game, but it is still not clear what they are doing and for whom they are here. But everyone is playing although some are in the lead by a long shot.

When Juan Guaidó was barred from entering the National Assembly, he decided to conduct his reelection at a different venue. But this is a plan that came up only along the way, and one thing that is clear from this incident is that the stability of the Venezuelan opposition —which the international community trusts- has been undermined. First, the corrupt now-Chavista embarrassment that was illegally sworn in as the Assembly Directorial board was born from within the very same opposition parties on which Guaidó’s stability was built. In other words, the parties gave birth to traitors. And not just any traitors. The majority of them, when they belonged to these political parties (and it is still not clear if they were expelled), were high-ranking activists in the trusted circle of the political bosses. The big parties have never had any reservations about opening their doors (or legs) to bandits and morally inferior types.

The fact that there are about 30 deputies who were manipulated by Chavismo indicates that the interim government is undergoing a crisis. And this time, the reelection of Guaidó, although legitimate, was achieved thanks to the vote of many deputies who were substituting for others, the main ones who played the vulgar game of the dictatorship. The institutions are dying because of the heavy burden of terror, the inexhaustible flow of money, and the willingness of too many to maintain this criminal status quo.

Guaidó managed to get re-elected, but so did corrupt congressman Luis Parra. The former is recognized by the world because he enjoys legitimacy, and unfortunately, he still looks like the undisputed leader of the process to rescue Venezuela. But the latter is part of Chavismo’s dirty game. And in this race, Chavismo is a step ahead of us.

Luis Parra is a so-called “opponent.” He was crowned as the head of the National Assembly instead of Juan Guaidó, thanks to the votes of the other members of the “so-called opposition.” All this is apparent, but it is very finely woven by Chavismo and its international allies. Dangerous, wretched people like Gustavo Petro and Juan Carlos Mondero have already come out in support of the narrative that the opposition itself elected Parra and that Juan Guaidó arbitrarily convened the session in the El Nacional building to suit himself

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The problem will arise when Parra, who has the support of the regime’s thugs (those they call the State Security Force) and also the regime’s checkbook, starts to convene sessions. And surprise! Agreements start emerging from those sessions. There is no doubt: Maduro will get Parra to manage the country superficially, and many will end up recognizing his corrupt and also illegitimate presidency of the Assembly. One of those agreements, and perhaps the main reason why the vulgar Parra and his flock of traitors are where they are, will be the National Electoral Council. And that’s how Chavismo paves the way for other fraudulent elections.

Russia, surely China, and all those little countries that are friends of the dictatorship must be salivating over what they will do with a parliament without Guaidó. The agreements they will sign and how they will hold elections that have been called by a new National Electoral Council made up of a “non-Chavista” Assembly.

All of this is happening at a time when Guaidó’s staunchest ally, the Trump administration, is going through the tensest moment in foreign policy and, also, a campaign for reelection.

Many of Guaidó’s apparent allies are as corrupt and rotten as Parra. Guaidó should mediate his next steps to get out of this pathetic alliance before Chavismo, and the so-called allies cut through him. Maduro has very cleverly managed to reduce the “opposition” to a political struggle for constituencies, deputies, and money.

Venezuela has suffered under more than two decades of plundering because of the complicity, the mediocrity, and I must say, the ingenuity of this machine called Chavismo, which destroys individuals and their freedoms. It turns out that the monster is bigger than what Chavismo appears to be. It is gigantic; it transcends our borders; it has infiltrated Europe, it plays chess on the world stage, and it camouflages itself very well.

The naive ones have not only been in Caracas these last months. Come on; the whole country knows these guys are criminals of the worst nature. It is good enough that the Venezuelan political leadership treats them as such and that the world does too. For now, Chavismo is one step ahead of an entire country. The frustrating thing is that we seem to be held hostage by runners who are unable to accelerate. What a tragedy.

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