What Is Antifa? The Leftist Organization That Wants to Overthrow Trump

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“Antifascist” activists running amidst riots (Flickr).

Spanish – What began as a grievance about police abuse turned into a race war even though the chief of police of the city of Minneapolis, where George Floyd’s death occurred, is Black, and at least two of the four police officers involved are from ethnic minorities (Asian and Hispanic). It was the prominence of the racial cause that brought the Black community to the streets in protest, incited by self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” groups known for their violent tactics.

The members of Antifa’s “Black Block ” can be easily identified in the videos of the devastation because they are dressed completely in black and cover their faces with ski masks or bandanas to conceal their identity.

Anyone who opposes fascism is an anti-fascist, say defenders of this group recently labeled a terrorist organization by President Donald Trump. It has even prompted many to proclaim themselves terrorists in solidarity with the actions of these “protesters.” But the reality is that George Floyd’s own family has called for a halt to the violent protests, which Floyd’s younger brother, Terrence, has called stupid.

The communist origin of the anti-fascist struggle

The “anti-fascist struggle” amalgamates contradictory ideas. While claiming solidarity with the Black community, they left it devastated. They destroyed the businesses of their neighbors and beat up those who resisted. Well, “anti-fascism” is accompanied by the destruction of private property as a vindication of their struggle against capitalism, which has also confronted fascism and its own leader and founder, the Italian dictator Benito Mussollini.

Through the financing of the Soviet Union, the first socialist state in the world, groups opposing fascism were born in the 1920s in Italy. (Fascism was, in turn, born from trade unionism and adopted nationalist positions only during World War II). Then, in 1930, under the veil of the German Communist Party (KPD) Antifaschistische Aktion (Anti-Fascist Action) was born, and is still active today. So, contrary to what its defenders claim, it is not simply a matter of being against fascism, but the movement has a political and historical link of support for communism and fighting against capitalism.

For Antifa, “the destruction of private property does not equal violence”

“The destruction of private property does not amount to violence,” said Scott Crow, who was an organizer for Antifa for 30 years, in an interview with CNN.

Since Donald Trump became president, Antifa has become stronger, convinced that it is fighting fascism. Although by definition, as Mussolini himself said, the ideology of fascism is “everything in the state and nothing against it,” he zealously supported progressive taxation to keep his corporatism afloat, which he sought to enlarge, hoping that the collapse of capitalism would lead to it taking refuge in the hands of the state.

It is the opposite of Donald Trump’s presidency, which has been characterized by a downsizing of the state, starting with a historic tax reform that has benefited the Black community in particular through the highest employment growth in over half a century.

This reform also turned the country’s poorest neighborhoods into free zones for investors, which improved infrastructure (housing and business) and created even more sources of employment, especially in the construction industry.

“Antifa” is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis

Their most famous incident was in 2017 when members of this group went to Charlottesville, Virginia, to allegedly condemn racism by seeking to remove statues of U.S. Civil War personalities, such as General Robert E. Lee, and confronted groups that defended the “historical legacy,” including groups of white supremacists. President Trump responded to the incidents that both groups were equally reprehensible and was sharply criticized for it.

Dartmouth University professor Mark Bray, who also wrote The Anti-Fascist Handbook, defended the group’s violent tactics in an article for The Washington Post: “Its supporters are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists” who believe that physical violence is “ethically justifiable and strategically effective.”

In response, political commentator Marc Thiessen noted that “they are no different from neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazis are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that killed 25 million people last century. Antifa members are the violent advocates of a murderous ideology that, according to The Black Book of Communism, killed between 85 million and 100 million people last century. Both practice violence and preach hate. They are morally indistinguishable. There is no difference between those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Hitler and Himmler and those who beat innocent people in the name of the ideology that gave us Stalin and Dzerzhinsky.”

In 2017, there was a peaceful demonstration in California under the slogan “No to Marxism in America.” In a counter-protest, Antifa activists were armed with sticks and pepper spray while they beat the anti-Marxism demonstrators with shields that ironically said, “No to Hate.” According to Thiessen, “their definition of “fascist” includes not just neo-Nazis but also anyone who opposes their totalitarian worldview.”

The protest against Marxism was coordinated by someone who could not be further removed from fascism, Nazism, and neo-Nazism. Amber Cummings, the coordinator, describes herself as “a transgender woman who embraces diversity.” On her Facebook account, she said that “any racist groups like the KKK [and] neo-Nazis are not welcome.” In her own words, the protest against Marxism was necessary because “the University of Berkeley is a starting point for the Marxist Movement.”

92% of far-left activists still live with their parents

It is worth noting that universities have become breeding grounds for these ideas. Seven out of 10 millennials are sympathetic to socialism, according to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, whose executive director Marion Smith says, “Historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display.”

When we fail to educate our younger generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims killed by Communist regimes during the last century, we should not be surprised by their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas. We need to redouble our efforts to educate America’s young people about the history of communist regimes and the dangers of socialism today.

Similarly, the German tabloid Bild revealed that 92 % of the far-left activists still live with their parents. This could be seen in the protests in the U.S., where coordinators of the violent demonstrations were escorted by their parents when they were brought to court.

Antifa hates the U.S.

Journalist Andy Ngo, author of the book Unmasked: Within Anti-Fa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy is the son of migrants who escaped the one-party socialist tyranny of Vietnam. He has extensively covered the rise of violence by these groups. In retaliation, he has been brutally attacked. And he openly claims that Antifa hates the U.S.

“If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism,” Ronald Reagan said.

Former President Ronald Reagan said that fascism would come to the U.S. in the form of liberalism, precisely because of its demand to fight against capitalism and for a larger state. But above all, in common discourse, the term fascism has been abused and bastardized to the point that it does not mean what it is and has been historically, but a synonym for anyone who opposes communism.

In the United States, “Antifa” takes ideological differences to the extreme. It is a direct cause of the polarization that we see today in the streets of major cities with Molotov cocktails and the destruction of private property.

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, told CNN, “What they’re trying to do now is not only become prominent through violence at these high-profile rallies but also to reach out through small meetings and through social networking to cultivate disenfranchised progressives who heretofore were peaceful.”

The group reportedly has significant penetration in the “progressive” crowd in the United States.

In other words, Antifa uses its leftist anti-capitalist and anti-elite ideals of government, which are closer to the anarchy that seeks to destroy the state, not for greater freedom, but to impose a dictatorship of the proletariat, as Marx desired, to radicalize many activists who more or less agree with these principles but who had never reached the point of violently attacking people who do not agree with their line of thought.

Antifa’s graffiti often says, “Eat the rich,” thereby encouraging cannibalism, a practice that became commonplace in the Soviet Union due to food shortages caused by the Bolsheviks. The Soviet Union, of course, financed the Antifa movement in its early days.

Interestingly, the anti-fascist movement has many similarities with fascism in terms of intolerance toward diversity of thought, contempt for private property, hatred of a certain class, or social stratum. It is a movement that “fights” against the fascist ideology, but promotes resentment and rejects freedom to the extent of attacking it.

However, there are voices within the U.S., such as Candace Owens, a leader of “Blexit,” a movement that seeks to end the presumption that Black voters should be of service to the leftist agenda. Owens spread the word on social media that there are Black people in the U.S. who are waking up to the fact that the violence of these far-left terrorists exposes who the real enemies of the Black community are.

Trump began his presidential campaign in Florida, where he appealed to refugees from socialist regimes: Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

“We are born free, and we will remain free, now and forever,” he said, reiterating his commitment to ending the region’s tyrannies.

“And to those who would try to impose socialism on the United States, we again deliver a very simple message: America will never be a socialist country,” Trump asserted at the end of his speech.

That message echoes today given the terrorism perpetrated by the self-proclaimed “anti-fascist” brigades.

This article was developed with Emmanuel Rondón, a journalist with a focus on the political area.

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