Venezuela Opposition Seeks Alliance with Israel, Iran’s Chief Enemy

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The Jerusalem Post (JP) reported that deputies of the National Assembly and officials of the legitimate government established a pro-Israel caucus (Wikimedia).

Spanish – The legitimate government of Venezuela, headed by Juan Guaidó, seeks to strengthen its alliance with Israel, Iran’s main adversary in the Middle East.

Israel is the principal enemy of Iran, and the latter is the key ally of Nicolás Maduro’s regime. Therefore, an alliance between Guaidó and Israel will honor the Arab proverb, “the enemy of your enemy is your friend.”

The Jerusalem Post (JP) reported that deputies of the National Assembly and officials of the legitimate government established a pro-Israel caucus.

The Venezuelan Parliamentary Caucus of Israel Allies held its inaugural meeting on Monday, July 27. The 20 members of the caucus from various political parties signed a statement calling for the opening of a Venezuelan embassy in Jerusalem.

Venezuela broke diplomatic ties with Israel in 2009. However, Israel recognized Guaidó as its legitimate president, so in August 2019, the interim government appointed Rabbi Pynchas Brener as Venezuela’s ambassador to Israel. Later that year, Guaidó’s Foreign Minister, Julio Borges, also visited Israel to attend a conference of the Israel Allies Foundation.

Deputy Omar González Moreno of the July 16 faction is one of the leaders of the new pro-Israel group and has said that his faction in Parliament “considers strategic relations with Israel to be a priority.”

Joseph Humire, an international security specialist and executive director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society, welcomed the interim government’s outreach to Israel and stressed the importance of continuing an alliance that goes beyond mere politics.

“Better late than never. It is good news that Guaidó is approaching Israel, which is Iran’s chief enemy in the Middle East,” Humire told the PanAm Post.

“Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East, and it is the country constantly confronting Iranian influence. Guaidó needs strong international alliances to dissipate Iran’s presence in Venezuela, so I’m fine with that,” he said.

According to Humire, the relationship should become “tangible,” especially in terms of intelligence and security.

“They should share information about Hezbollah’s presence in Venezuela and somehow get a good understanding of Iran’s presence there,” Humire said.

“Maduro’s major allies outside the region are Iran, Russia, and China. I think Guaidó should ally itself with the principal enemies of those countries,” the expert said.

He added that Israel could provide much information about Iran’s presence in the Middle East and thus understand how it influences the rest of the world.

Humire added that the main concern in the Middle East today is the alliance between Iran and China.

“That is a very important point to discuss because, in this situation, Guaidó should also ally herself with China’s main enemies, such as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea,” he said.

Humire, a specialist in international terrorism and global security, believes that Venezuela has understood too late that Nicolás Maduro is a “puppet” of countries like Russia, China, and Iran and that they are the ones to be “attacked.”

“I remember well at first that many people said that Russia would not defend Maduro in Venezuela, that it would not send troops to that country, and this has been proven to be a lie. In the case of China, the same thing is happening. We have been very naive. These countries work together and have their own hegemonic projects,” he said.

“Remember the phrase the enemy of your enemy is your friend, and that is what has united Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela. Guaidó should do the same,” he said.

Vente Venezuela signs agreement with Israel’s ruling party

A few days ago, Vente Venezuela, Vente Venezuela’s national coordinator, María Corina Machado, signed a cooperation agreement with Israel’s current governing party, Likud.

Vente’s press release announced that cooperation would include “political, ideological, and social issues, as well as progress on issues related to strategy, geopolitics, and security.”

Vente Venezuela indicated that this sends a clear message to Nicolás Maduro’s regime, Venezuelans, and the world, regarding the consolidation of relations with strategic allies for the Venezuelan struggle, in the face of threats such as that of Iran.

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