The Golden Donkey (Or the Sense of Victim of Venezuelans in the United States)

The Democratic Party is the model that the MUD wants to follow (Photo: Twitter Barack Obama).

“You shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” – Exodus 20:1-66, 22.

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“Rhetoric is the work of persuasion that makes people believe and not what makes them know.” -Plato

When the people of Israel saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, the people gathered themselves together to Aaron and said to him, “Up, make us gods who shall go before us. As for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.” With this image it is easy to understand, extrapolating from us, that a nation absorbed in the pitch of fetishism, forged in a culture of denial crowned by a syndrome of banalizing and denying the existence of problems (i.e., partly denying reality), is very fertile ground for worship of false gods and poisonous cults.

When people insist on denying their mistakes, and tearfully convincing themselves that what covers them is Swiss chocolate and not mud, that is the most notorious indicator that decadence has reached the most inhospitable places of their soul and that it has taken the natural drive to preserve itself to be placed at the service of deceitful deities, sorcerers of scams smeared in mysticism.

Venezuela is quickly drowning in the oasis of poison and cultural duckweed. Here, there exists a phenomenon that leaves one perplexed, rather than disconcerted. The one that affects me and many others I know is to see a significant number of people who correctly understand the tragedies they lived through in Venezuela. However, as soon as they step into the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” and have all the American advantages, they adopt the victimhood mentality. This socio-cultural pattern dissected by Carol Rangel has already influenced the Bolivarian revolution and is indicative of the same threat that today seeks to overthrow the greatest geopolitical ally Venezuela can have.

Many people are unhappy to see this victimhood complex of the Venezuelan diaspora, which is curiously similar to the ecologist victimhood. It fits perfectly into the socialist narrative of the Democrats, both voters and activists, who want to establish their own caliphate. The interim hides behind the American liberal media and the latter have perfected techniques of social engineerings, such as NPL, learned helplessness, classical conditioning, etc.

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For all these techniques to be effective, the guinea pig – the Venezuelan – must reach a tragic state of paranoia, immersed in a fantasy of insecurity and constant risk before the existence of certain symbols or actions. Let us remember the case of Caguaripano, that of Oscar Perez and Equilibrio Nacional; let us not forget the civil-military resistance. These three cases have been perceived by the country as hoaxes, false positives, or merely as freaks along the way, as if patriotism and decent Venezuelans did not exist or were too good to be true, betraying the very low self-esteem of our society.

The deliberately hysterical and confusing mishmash has a particular tactical function – beyond domination itself – and it is the fuel of the revolution: to secure the unrestricted right to commit a crime (Olavo de Carvalho) or, a free pass for appalling behavior.

Now, just as their claim is simple, so is its fall. In the field of politics and rational debate, there is no solution, and that is their strength. There is nothing more terrifying than public scorn, ridicule, and criticism. The disdain makes them brats as happened with the “guaidologist” Freddy Guevara, who projected his Chavista way of being by calling anyone who criticized the interim presidency a beggar.

Pride is such. This group is distant from reality. The possibility that they have made a mistake, have been fools, or of being what they are (some swindlers) is inconceivable for them. We cannot have a clear path for the bullfight until we expose them for what they are.

This is one of the meanings of the Golden Donkey. The condition of pseudo-religion with its pseudo-gods that the left always claims, with its pontifical infallibility that exempts them from criticism and pushback, its omniscience that is nothing more than pure totalitarianism, its dogmas that are nothing more than idiocy (such as social justice, transitional justice, the welfare state, gender ideology, etc), its enlightening grace, and its protection. Making false Gods of them and putting them ahead of national interests will condemn Venezuela to be a bloody mockery, not a tragedy like Cuba. We can have a real debate, productive action, and return to sovereignty only if we deny the pseudo-mysticism and thwart its spell.

The second meaning is the matter of Vecchio’s meeting with Nancy. This is another example of the divine aura they believe they enjoy in the interim administration and its satellite institutions. Their defense of the meeting with Democrat Pelosi is for two simple reasons. First, because it is the position that they say and, in their alternate reality, if the gods speak, the mortal plebeian should not go against the macrocosmic and eternal will. They make use of a divine source of authority where their cause – revolution, social justice, democracy – functions as a heavenly tribunal from which law, morality, ethics, and reality emerge and are determined. They do not tell us what is right or wrong: they are good, and everything else is evil.

Second, because the Democratic Party is, even if they don’t say so, the model they want to follow, their example of a “great party” whose -repulsive- decadence represents the golden years they aspire: corruption (embodied in Biden), entrenched Marxism (represented by Sanders, Warren, AOC, and Omar), revanchism (championed by Pelosi and Schumer), and reconquest and expansion of the continental communist revolution (designed and executed by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Kerry). It is no coincidence that those in the MUD establish themselves as the “democratic opposition.”

The ascetics of evil, who judge from the hills of manure, promising us that they tread on the sky, will continue to make their narratives shine, their self-proclaimed infallibility, propagating through their media control points, their public allies like Senator Rubio and their allies of response like Russia -who begins to treat Guaido openly in their pamphleteering that they call “Russian journalism”- the new prayers to the golden donkey, one of the elections and the continuity of the revolution protected by the blindness of its worshipers, who only by destroying the profane animal, could be saved.

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