The Fearsome Factories of Single Thought in The West

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The operation of the thought killers is already in its final stages (Flickr)

The factories of the single thought have opened the assembly line, the automated process executes a lobotomy, extracts the areas of knowledge and inoculates them with propaganda, the academic platform for indoctrination is no longer necessary, the social networks have opened more effective channels to shoot young people, not bullets, but lies.

The new man in the West hates his society as he flatters the tyrannies that are born in the Middle East and spread to China, but none of this is accidental, the background work that has been done has been exhaustive and encompasses much more than the common denominator knows or is able to identify.

The culture of cancellation is not a phenomenon that originates in the United States, although it is there that it gains relevance. This initiative to assassinate opposing thought was born in the extinct Soviet Union; they were the first to patent and industrialize the infiltration of academics, journalists, and influencers into Western societies, an action that has subsequently been emulated by Cuba and the rest of the nations that have fallen into the clutches of social communism and victim ideology as a mechanism to establish totalitarian states.

Today there is no safe space for the indoctrination of children, in fact, the schools and universities have become the biggest space for the cultivation of collectivist ideologies, the publishing houses publish mostly books that go hand in hand with progressive narrative, today even the biggest sports leagues make propaganda for the “Black Lives Matter” movement that has already declared itself to be a practitioner of communist Marxism, who also insist in a dangerous way on segregating societies and setting the United States on fire through looting.

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This factory of unique thought has been joined by the media, in the Spanish language if you scan the main news windows and cable agencies, who also provide their content to the national media, you will not find a single reference to the word “far-left”, but you can see how every offensive or denigrating act is immediately branded as “far-right”; is the editorial line, everything good “left”, bad “far-right”, regardless of the actors, so, for example, the decision of the socialist tyranny of Nicolas Maduro to restrict the right to direct vote of the Indians was categorized as an act of “far-right”, they did the same with a march in Berlin by citizens against the coronavirus quarantine, calling it a “protest by the far-right” and in the pictures you could see people with the flags of the LGBT movement and men with unicorn masks.

In the end, reality matters little, what adds up and remains in the unconscious is the narrative, that’s how they turned Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist into a representative of the “far-right” and that erroneous meaning is maintained today regardless of its collectivist background, that’s why the left triumphs, wins in the fields of the mind, crushes opposing thought, generates immediate solidarity.

This whitewashing of the word far-left and the exacerbated use of the ultra-right in the politically correct vocabulary encourages a tyranny of language, as Orwell narrated in 1984, suffering, for example, will cease to exist if there is no word to define it, in the same way, they try to disappear from the narrative map to the far-left. But this is not exclusive to the press, it can be seen everywhere, for example in the series Jack Ryan produced by Amazon, the protagonist is fighting against the Venezuelan regime and at no time they hide the aberrations that are happening in the country, on the contrary, they talk about hunger and the totalitarianism of the government in power, but most importantly, the president of Venezuela in that fiction, called “Nicolás Reyes”, is not a socialist, he is represented as a conservative right-wing nationalist leader, and on the other hand, his political opponent is presented as a well-thought-out socialist who wants to solve Venezuela’s problems through the same social missions that Hugo Chávez implemented to ruin the country.

Neurolinguistic programming is brainwashing (Flickr)

Today it is common to find articles and editorials in The New York Times, Washington Post, El País, BBC, CNN, Deustche Welle, NBC, The Guardian, Time, among other large and influential media outlets that make visible and report the tragedy that Venezuelans are experiencing, but they do it in their own way, that is, they point out and show the destruction of the country, but they never indicate the reasons why this is happening, or when they do, they accuse “imperialism” or “capitalism” of what socialism has destroyed; In that sense if there is a lack of fuel in Venezuela they will never say it is because of the destruction of the oil refineries in Venezuela at the hands of the State, they will say it is because of the sanctions of the United States; if there is a lack of food, they accuse “neoliberalism” of this, the reasons do not matter much, what is interesting is the narrative, in this way they denounce the regime but protect the ideology, they look good to the world and they create fictions favorable to the left.

Continuing with the Venezuelan narrative, about two and a half years ago I finished a novel that I worked on for 16 months. The story begins in 1992 with the historically failed coup d’état of Hugo Chávez and ends in 2017 in the midst of the last protests in the country; there was a request from a large publishing house for it, when it was finished I sent the manuscript and after reading it I was informed that there was a publishing decision not to publish stories related to Chavism; at that time I did not understand it very well, because there were works of other Venezuelan authors on the subject, but in truth, I did not think about it too much and simply went to knock on other doors, then I received other responses from literary agents in Spain and publishing houses in Latin America that made me understand what was happening, I will briefly reproduce extracts from three negative responses about the publication or representation of the work:

– “Emmanuel, I regret to inform you that we will not be able to represent your work, we have no doubt that it has great potential, but at this moment we are looking for other types of opinions…”

– “There are certain ways of addressing Venezuela’s social problems that don’t convince our editorial committee…”

– “We consider it a fantastic work, but we believe there will be better times for its publication…”

It was then that I began to understand what was happening, I read in depth the works of other writers who denounce the abuses of Chavism, of those same writers who have a showcase in media such as the New York Times or El País, and then everything was evident, these writers – whom I am in no way trying to disparage – because all of them, despite their ideals or ways of understanding the Venezuelan cataclysm, they are great storytellers, but they have a way of dealing with the subject that pleases that egalitarian thinking factory, and yes, in Venezuela there is a nightmare, but that is because “there is no true socialism”, do you understand where everything is going?

Pablo Montoya, for example, the Colombian writer and latest winner of the Rómulo Gallegos Prize, which was compensated with $100,000, said bluntly in an interview with El Universal: “The authors and their award-winning novels enjoy a strong political contour, and that contour in most cases has been linked to ideologies that have been more on the left than on the right. To overlook this character seems naive to me. And he also added about the criticisms made to those who decided to participate “it is not hard to imagine, they come from the literary side that defends the commercial criteria of literature and the establishment of a neoliberal type of democracy in Venezuela”.

In other words, the author openly proclaims that it is no secret that literary awards favor the left and also declares with a negative connotation the attempt to establish in Venezuela a “neoliberal-type democracy,” because for him a socialist and criminal tyranny is much more pleasant, the result: one hundred thousand dollars and his books distributed by all Spanish-speaking bookstores.

Thanks to this I finally understood the reasons for the rejection of my manuscript. It is very likely that if my novel had warned in the middle of its narrative that the problem in Venezuela was that Maduro had become a “far-right” monster, today it would be in all the bookstores in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico and the rest of the big Spanish-speaking cities, and would have even received a few awards, but the problem with the work is that it is not complacent for the dictatorship of thought, it narrates how socialism was degrading Venezuela, how subsidies and social handouts were generating social cancer and a parasitic society, and that of course, is not something positive for the narrative they have positioned in today’s world; that’s why the more than one hundred thousand words of that work are still stored in a folder on my computer and are not being read by thousands of people.

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All these conditions have created an extremely strict surveillance system operated by the citizens themselves; the structure and the narrative have been generated to persecute anyone who does not comply with certain patterns, who does not allow himself to be led like a goat, anyone who thinks is an enemy, anyone who believes that private property and freedom should exist is an attack on the police of thought. Even Big Brother has landed on the social networks, Facebook and Twitter have also gone in for silencing the voices of the right in the United States, and this is a dynamic that is repeated and plagiarized in other parts of the world, without us realizing it, everyone who defends the ideals of freedom, of individualism, of the market, of meritocracy, has become an enemy of the well-thought-out society, a dangerous subject that must be silenced or eradicated.

Archetypically, the human being has not evolved completely, thousands of years have passed, different civilizations, but the man still has not overcome that tribal collectivist gene, he needs to be and feel part of the herd, to be herded, to be told what to do, to be given all the answers; man only wants to applaud, to see the blood running in a square so as not to get bored, and to spend his life accusing one and all of his own misfortunes. To assume responsibility? That doesn’t go with many.

Today the culture of cancellation has achieved its objectives, it has advanced much more than you can imagine if you do not support collectivism and movements of segregation or favoring certain communities, your project for a film or documentary will not be distributed on Netflix or the big streaming chains; if your articles speak ill of the ideology of gender they will be censored on social networks; if your books expressly detail the failure of socialism they will not be published by the big publishers or receive awards; but what is worse, if you disagree with what is fashionable in the world “to go against the capitalist system”, not only will your voice be silenced, but it is likely that the hordes of the far-left will denounce you for “harassment” and make you lose your job; curiously today being against the ideology that has starved millions of people can starve you.

In today’s world, human beings do not want sanity, they want savagery, they do not want to rationalize, they want pre-established patterns, they do not want freedom, they cry out for chains and rant against anyone who goes off-script; at the end of the day we have finished building those stormy civilizations that Orwell wrote about almost as a satire, the West has become a factory of fools, they are assembled in bulk and dominate the world, they have emptied their brains and filled them up again with propaganda, they just repeat the message; in the end, those who defend freedom have only two options left, either they kneel before the totalitarianism of the single thought, or they wait to be put in lines and shot en masse by the police of political correctness.

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