By Giancarlo Fiorella

11.06.19: Little Grain of Sand

National Assembly deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa has gone into hiding after the Maduro regime revoked his parliamentary immunity at the end of October over his…

By Giancarlo Fiorella

10.29.19: Amounting to Nothing

The National Assembly declared itself in permanent session this afternoon, with the goal of picking the members of a new Consejo Nacional Electoral (National Electoral Council, CNE)….

By Rafael Osío Cabrices

Trouble in the Lima Group | Caracas Chronicles

Photo: Infobae retrieved Once the Maduro regime installed the National Constituent Assembly as a parallel congress to formalize its rejection to the opposition-controlled National Assembly,…

By Giancarlo Fiorella

10.01.19: Roadmap

The National Assembly approved a motion today in which it officially endorsed a roadmap by opposition leader Juan Guaido to restore democracy in the country….

By Giancarlo Fiorella

09.24.19: Pyongyang and Moscow

The ruling PSUV party rejoined the beleaguered opposition-controlled National Assembly today, after leaving parliament in 2017 in a show of disapproval over the opposition. Since…