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National Security Advisor John Bolton looks on in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 19 July 2019 (reissued 18 June 2020). According to media reports, the US government wants to prevent publication of a book by former National Security advisor Bolton, arguing that national security was at risk. (EFE)

Spanish – John Bolton is probably motivated by a thirst for revenge. But also money. There is no other explanation. The man wants to get rich at the expense of his reputation, career, and legacy. That is why he has published a book, during a presidential campaign, against his former boss, whom he now intends to destroy. But the problem is that he is not only going against his former boss but also his long-time allies.

John Bolton, a long-time Republican, has served four Grand Old Party administrations: Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., and Donald Trump. He has served as ambassador to the United Nations, deputy attorney general, deputy secretary of state, and finally as national security advisor. He has also been a commentator for Fox News since 2006 and has always been linked to conservative think tanks and organizations.

But John Bolton, who suffered a messy dismissal, has not kept an ounce of loyalty to his former employers and today intends to remove the Republicans from the presidency of the United States. That is a pretty mean move.

Donald Trump is still in the White House, and the ambassador is revealing such sensitive issues in his book as Trump’s private meetings with other heads of state, the president’s views on national security issues, and also publishing distortions of reality. It is also very crude. A cursory reading made me realize his pedantic and egomaniacal nature. The silly thing is that he attributes so much error and naivety to himself. For example, when it comes to Venezuela, in an entire chapter, he portrays himself, and his time in the White House, as an accumulation of irrelevance, naivety, a lack of courage, many mistakes. Trump, on the other hand, is portrayed as a shrewd and amoral businessman whose intuition seemed to overcome his advisors’ shortcomings. In other words, Bolton revealed to us that Trump is Trump. What a surprise.

The Atlantic dedicated a whole article to John Bolton to applaud the publication of the book. Thomas Wright thanks Bolton for his sincerity and appreciates the fact that his efforts are, he says, blowing up Donald Trump’s reelection bid. As Ramon Perez-Maura wrote: “Something is not right when your enemies for decades suddenly praise your book.”

And this is how John Bolton seeks to go down in history: the Republican who damaged the Republicans’ game. His bet is big, it could make him a lot of money, but it has buried his career and his reputation. His former allies hate him today, and those who were always his enemies, even if they praise him now, will never see him as one of them. The truth is that no one likes traitors.

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