New York Times, 100 Years of Defending Communism

Fidel Castro on the front page of the newspaper (Twitter).

Spanish – We’ve all grown up deceived. Our childhoods and teens have been influenced by cardboard idols. The cultural dominance of the left is and has been impregnable in the last century. But it is not so easy to open the eyes of millions of people. These powerful groups continue to impose their communist/socialist agenda, today disguised as progressivism, and increasingly penetrate communities we thought were impenetrable- such as the United States.

It happened to me too. In my late teens, I still didn’t really understand what “neoliberalism” was, but I assumed it was something bad because, in Venezuela, they referred to Carlos Andres Perez’s “neoliberal package” as the cause of the protests that led to the Caracazo and left hundreds of people dead. Already in the university, when I took economics courses in the law school, the ideological spectrum from Marx to Keynes was presented to me, and there, just as a matter of fact, I was given a choice between communism and social democracy. I had a particularly biased view where I had never been exposed to Hayek or Mises. Although I hated socialism because of Chavismo, I didn’t really understand in depth what it was and who it was and how it was defended. At the time, I watched the crazy radicals communists infiltrating everything. I assume that many teenagers today will see things that way too.

The New York Times and a giant media conglomerate have collaborated extensively to present this false matrix of struggles between diverse lefts, disguised as impartial, for more than a century. They have supported communism, hidden its death toll, and tried to destroy the capitalist system that has made the United States of America the most powerful nation in the world.

When I was 20 years old, I read The New York Times opinion articles and felt a deep admiration. I dreamed of writing one day in perhaps the most prestigious newspaper in the world, but I did not understand anything. Leftist propaganda disguised as impartiality enveloped me. And I think that if it were not for Chavismo and all the disgusting things it made me, my family, and friends endure, and if it were not for the fact that I observed how socialism destroyed the streets, public services, hospitals, airports, education, businesses, the economy, and absolutely everything that once existed in Venezuela, today, I’d probably be another one of those idiots who send out tweets from an iPhone in a Starbucks saying that capitalism sucks, based on articles in the American newspaper and the “incredible studies” and “unbiased” theories of Nobel Prize winners in economics like Stiglitz and Krugman, who simply use academic and economic technicalities to push forward socialism/communism.

But this hegemony of the left did not begin a couple of years or decades ago. A hundred years ago, The New York Times was already covering up the crimes of communism. Walter Duranty, a correspondent for the newspaper that had become famous for its World War I stories, was sent to Russia to cover the birth of the Soviet Union a couple of months before Lenin came to power. For years he covered the Russian side, praising Stalin’s first five-year plan for collectivizing land, the same one that caused the Holodomor, a famine that would kill at least eight million Ukrainians. Nevertheless, Duranty thought that what was happening in Russia was fantastic, and he reported it to the United States. So much so that his chronicles of the “fantastic” Soviet revolution won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1931. “Any report of a famine in Russia today is an exaggeration or malicious propaganda. There is no famine or death by starvation,” the reporter said after receiving one of the highest awards in journalism.

Later, cases would continue to be discovered whereby it was evident that the American newspaper was protecting communist dictatorships and ranting against any government that did not follow the path of socialism/communism. In the 1970s, the KBG successfully carried out a disinformation campaign called “Operation Toucan,” in which several journalists infiltrated The New York Times to protect the Red allies. As a result, in 1976, the newspaper published 66 articles on human rights violations by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, which resulted in approximately 3,000 disappearances and murders in two decades, and only published four rather lukewarm articles on the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, the communist party headed by Pol Pot, who led a genocide against his own people, with more than two million Cambodians killed in less than five years.  On average, the Communists killed 400,000 people a year, while the Pinochet regime disappeared or killed some 150 people a year, which is not at all justifiable, but for the New York newspaper, it was 16 times worse than in Chile even though the Communists killed in three hours as many people as the Pinochet regime did in a whole year.

Today, The New York Times continues on the same path, giving a platform to a biased view of society. In fact, in 2018, they published an article congratulating the father of communism with the title Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right! Thus, they are promoting the cancerous ideologies of the left under their prestigious name and constantly attacking the economic system that has allowed it to grow, expand, and sustain itself over time with a robust and well-paid payroll.

This newspaper, which has been protecting communists for more than a century, has, in recent days, taken a stand for anarchy in the United States. It has used its influence in society to further segregate Americans, fuel the hatred generated by racism, and plant destruction by encouraging or condoning the vandalism of the statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the founding fathers of the United States of America, and nearly promoting the destruction of Mount Rushmore.

Our big problem as a society in the West is that we have not been able to adequately address the power groups that are shaping an agenda to protect the interests of Russia and China in this hemisphere. We have not been able to open the eyes of a majority to the true purpose of all these organizations, media outlets, and influential people.

As a private company, The New York Times has, of course, all the right to represent and spread the ideas it deems convenient, nobody doubts that. But it is our task to open the eyes of the world so that they understand that when they read that newspaper, The Washington Post, or watch the CNN news, they are not reading objective information, they are receiving leftist ideological capsules in every sentence.

For decades, our continent has been infiltrated by Russian, Cuban, and, today, Iranian agents. There is a lot of hatred for the United States, which is spreading mainly among the Americans themselves because of the version that these power groups have been selling them for years. However, we, who have seen the other side of the film, those of us who have suffered in our own flesh from socialism and have understood how they seek to manipulate the people to dominate and trample them, have not only the duty but the moral obligation, to open the eyes of those who have been manipulated by the left. In this way, we can build richer, more prosperous, more just societies and exterminate the collectivist ideologies that have done so much damage to humanity.

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