Maduro Buys Avior Aircraft to Avoid Sanctions, Fly Nonstop to Iran

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Sources close to the negotiation informed the PanAm Post that the giant aircraft was owned by Avior and will now go to state-owned Conviasa (dailynewstoday).

Spanish – Nicolás Maduro’s regime negotiated the purchase of a huge airbus to create a direct air bridge between Venezuela and Iran.

Sources close to the negotiation informed the PanAm Post that the giant aircraft was owned by Avior and will now go to state-owned Conviasa.

The regime intended to acquire an aircraft capable of flying directly to Iran so that they would not be forced to make layovers in other countries.

A source told the PanAm Post on the condition of anonymity that the Chavista regime’s plan was contrived after the arrest of Alex Saab, Maduro’s frontman in Cabo Verde. Saab was reportedly arrested when he made a stopover in the country to refuel the aircraft on which he was traveling.

The source reported that the Maduro regime is looking to buy long-range aircraft with large cargo capacity to reinforce the air bridge with Iran, which is the main recipient of gold and uranium from Venezuela.

This aircraft is Avior 340-300, serial number 199, which has a travel range of 13,500 km with a maximum take-off weight capacity of 275 tons.

The details also indicated that directors and shareholders of Avior, Jorge Añez, Jorge Luis Añez, and its president Juan Bracamonte have already held several meetings and have accepted the sale of the plane under two conditions: any images linking the aircraft to Avior must be removed from the plane before it leaves Venezuela; and given the scarcity of foreign currency that the regime faces, the payment must be in kind, that is, through fuel credits and credits with other entities of the regime.

With this new acquisition, Avior will be helping Nicolás Maduro to avoid sanctions and also hide the illicit international business that the tyranny maintains.

Venezuelan journalist Maibort Petit also reported on the issue and noted that the itineraries would include Russia, Turkey, “or another direct destination without layovers to avoid the risk of arrest.”

The Instagram account @Latinoamericanaviation, which has 72,900 followers, also reported on the aircraft’s sale three days ago. The post said that the transaction had already taken place between Avior and Conviasa.

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