Maduro Announces New São Paulo Forum Meeting in Caracas

Maduro said the meeting would take place on January 22, 23, and 24 and will help “to review plans and actions” for the year ahead (AVN)

Venezuela poses a new security threat to the region after Nicolás Maduro announced that the São Paulo Forum would be held in Caracas. This event has served to bring together the left and plan the political and social destabilization of Latin America.

Maduro said the meeting will take place on January 22, 23, and 24 and will serve “to review plans and actions” for the year ahead.

The tyrannical regime in Venezuela announcing new meetings should pose a potent threat to the countries of the region after it became clear that such meetings have become the stage for conspiracy against democratic governments.

All signs indicate that the real objective is to put an end to the Lima Group, dismantle the Organization of American States (OAS) with new leftist governments, and if this is not achieved, destabilize democratic countries and right-wing governments through the use of violence.

Millions of dollars to organize the left

In July 2019, the São Paulo Forum was held in Caracas. It brought together hundreds of leftist representatives who support Maduro’s regime. This event cost Venezuela at least 200 million USD.

While the South American country is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, the regime is spending millions of dollars, which could be used to save the lives of hundreds of Venezuelans who are at risk of death due to inadequate treatment. The regime’s priority is to bring together hundreds of human rights violators and communists with criminal records.

The Forum hosted 800 delegates, including a delegation from the FARC, which obtained permission to leave Colombia thanks to a letter allegedly sent by Chavista Diosdado Cabello to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP).

In recent weeks, credible evidence has emerged that the tyranny of Nicolás Maduro and that of Cuba, with the help of the left and socialist governments in the region, have sought to destabilize peace in South America by sending people to participate violently in the various protests, even to the point of granting passports to alleged terrorists.

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In November, it was revealed that the Colombian Government expelled 60 Venezuelans who were allegedly involved in actions that would jeopardize public order and national security.

Moreover, the director of Migration Colombia, reported that the tyranny granted Venezuelan passports to foreigners who could be linked to international terrorism.

So far, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia have managed to expel dozens of Venezuelans involved in the violent protests and destabilization of the region, all allegedly paid and sponsored by the Venezuelan regime.

“For victories inside Venezuela, we have to take action outside the country.” 

Joseph Humire, a specialist in international security and executive director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society, told the PanAm Post that “for victories inside Venezuela, we have to take action outside the country.”

According to him, Cuba and Venezuela are tools that are being used in a much larger geopolitical puzzle. He added that he believes a matrix of opinion is being built on the São Paulo Forum with the very intention of disguising the real culprits of political and social destabilization in the region.

“I think Cuba and Venezuela are tools that are being used in a much larger geopolitical puzzle. The other pieces are in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East,” he said.

Humire’s declarations coincide with the revelations of Meduza, a Russian publication exiled in Latvia to exercise their freedom. Meduza reported that Russia has “60 mercenaries who carry out special tasks in the South American country and who were commissioned for jobs such as recruiting informants in dangerous parts of Caracas.”

Tasks related to supporting Maduro’s regime would include training members of the militia and Chavista groups, which are civilian groups armed by the dictatorship to defend “the revolution.”

These groups trained by Russian specialists are allegedly leaving the country to participate in violent demonstrations in countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Chile.

Humire said that “Venezuelan migration is being used as a fourth-generation weapon of war” to threaten the security of the region.

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