Maduro and Guaidó’s Coexistence Pact to “Save Lives” in Venezuela

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The regime, which ignored the National Assembly and held it in “contempt,” was forced to recognize it through a cooperation plan mediated by PAHO (PanAm Post).

Spanish – After more than nine failed attempts at dialogue in Venezuela, the legitimate government of Juan Guaidó and the regime of Nicolás Maduro reached an agreement to allegedly address the “humanitarian crisis of the coronavirus” together.

The announcement by both sides has prompted both positive and negative reactions because the tyrannical regime has shown over the years that it does not comply with agreements.

Venezuela has already reached 1,662 positive cases of coronavirus amid a humanitarian crisis caused by Chavismo itself. The situation is characterized by a shortage of medicines and basic supplies that is unique in the country’s history, as well as by the fact that hospitals are not equipped to deal with several different conditions.

According to PAHO, Venezuela is one of the most vulnerable countries in Latin America to the threat of COVID-19.

The agreement between the regime and the opposition leaves several questions unanswered. The same regime that ignored the Venezuelan National Assembly and held it “in contempt” is now forced to recognize it with a cooperation plan mediated by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

On the other hand, the legitimate government of Juan Guaidó, which does not recognize Nicolás Maduro as president, also agreed to recognize the regime as a government within the framework of this agreement.

Both sides claim that negotiation is an “achievement.” However, even though the struggle is to save lives in the emergency caused by the coronavirus, politically, it seems like a coexistence deal, where the regime refuses to relinquish power despite being the cause of the humanitarian crisis in the South American country.

“We have managed to get PAHO approved funding for humanitarian assistance,” the interim government said. In a statement, the Guaidó team said that the pact enables money to be put “into the hands of international organizations” for the emergency and not the Maduro regime to handle the health emergency. He said it is a “donation approved” by the National Assembly with an opposition majority.

The agreement was also signed by Nicolás Maduro’s health minister, Carlos Alvarado, a medical delegate from Parliament, Julio Castro, and a PAHO representative.

“Both parties propose to work in a coordinated manner, in conjunction and with the support of PAHO to seek financial resources that will contribute to strengthening the country’s response capabilities” to the novel coronavirus, said the regime through its illegitimate Chavista communications minister, Jorge Rodríguez.

Those involved claim that the effort seeks to prioritize the lives of Venezuelans and not the ongoing political dispute. However, this agreement will bring relief to Nicolás Maduro’s regime, which, over the years, has overseen crumbling hospitals and the deaths of thousands of Venezuelans. Millions of Venezuelans have been forced to leave their homes and emigrate.

The U.S. Embassy celebrated the “coordinated partnership” agreement between delegates from Maduro and Guaidó: “It is an important step, but only a democratic transition will save Venezuela from a catastrophe.”

Saving the lives of all Venezuelans should always be a priority. However, since Chavismo took power, it has never fulfilled that rule. While the regime is supposedly trying to save Venezuelans from the coronavirus, it still carries out extra-judicial executions. Thousands of people are waiting to get dialysis treatment, and thousands more are dying of hunger.

The document states that with PAHO’s support, Venezuela will obtain financial resources to deal with the health emergency. Likewise, priority lines of action were established, including “epidemiological surveillance, appropriate care, and isolation of confirmed cases of coronavirus, as well as protection of health professionals.”

The former political prisoner and former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, criticized the agreement by addressing Guaidó, saying that Chavismo in Venezuela has caused more deaths than the coronavirus has caused worldwide.

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