Hispanics to Republicans: If You Want Our Vote, Don’t Erase Our History

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We are the largest minority in the United States, and we are organizing ourselves to publicly denounce politicians and never vote for them again. (Twitter)

Spanish – Erasing Hispanic history in the United States is now on the agenda. But this time, it’s not coming from the political left. Instead, Republican Party is calling for an end to Columbus Day (October 12) and replacing it with Juneteenth (June 19), which celebrates the end of transatlantic slavery in the U.S., even though the two dates are months apart.

Black Lives Matter protests have triggered more than just activism against police brutality. There has also been a wave of looting and destruction of historical heritage, including that of Hispanic and Latin American figures.

In the city of Miami, the statues of Christopher Columbus and Ponce de Leon, the first governor of Florida (where the first American city was founded and is still standing), were tainted with the communist hammer and sickle symbol and BLM, the abbreviation for Black Lives Matter.

This is not an isolated act of vandalism. BLM‘s founders are openly-declared Marxists and have even participated as observers in Venezuela’s legislative elections (where they called the opposition counterrevolutionary). They also personally gave dictator Nicolás Maduro an award during his visit to Harlem.

Yes, the movement that claims to fight police brutality rewarded the same dictator who has ordered the imprisonment, torture, and killing of protestors.

Meanwhile, in California, the statue of the patron saint, San Junípero Serra, was taken down. Even the bust of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was vandalized, even though he was enslaved in Africa. In fact, his literary work served to pay off his family’s debt after they paid North African slave-owners to free him.

Italian MP Alessandro Pagano referred to these actions as an attack on the Christian identity of Italians and the removal of their roots from North America. Columbus Day was meant to celebrate the Italian migrant community and their contribution to the nation and the continent, as well as a symbol of their presence in the Americas because Christopher Columbus was Italian.

More than 15.7 million people in the U.S. identify themselves as Italian-Americans. Thus, eliminating the legacy of Columbus in America is perceived as a direct attack on the identity of millions of citizens. The largest minority in the United States are Hispanics, who are around 18% of the population, close to 60 million of whom, 32 million are eligible to vote.

Given the voting power that the Hispanic community represents, counter-protests have mounted in defense of the Hispanic heritage, and thousands have signed a petition to demand that their history in America should not be

The PanAm Post contacted the promoter of the petition that demands respect for the Hispanic legacy in the U.S., immigration attorney María Herrera Mellado, representative of Vox (Spain) in the state of Florida.

How are you protecting the statues of Hispanic heroes?

We have organized several demonstrations in defense of our historical heritage, and we have prepared a letter for the Spanish embassy and consulates in the U.S., the embassies of other Hispanic countries, governors, and the mayors. So far, we have collected more than 28,000 signatures. We denounce the attacks against our historical legacy, as well as the violence carried out against other citizens. We ask that you respect our culture and not give in to groups that are intolerant toward and ignorant about our past.

How does this cause unite both Italians and Hispanics?

Spaniards and Italians have a common, unique, and universal history. We established the foundations of Western civilization. Catholic monarchs financed the expedition of Christopher Columbus. Today, we understand these attacks against the statues of Columbus and other historical figures are an attack on the Spanish legacy. They also show disdain for our presence and contribution to the United States.

What do you think should be the position of the Republican Party towards Black Lives Matter?

I believe that the position of members of the Republican Party should be the same as Vice President Mike Pence’s stance: BLM is a movement with a radical agenda that must be rejected. All Lives Matter, including those of Hispanics!

What message would you send to the Hispanic community regarding the defense of the historical heritage and to the politicians who seek the Hispanic vote?

Hispanics must remain united against attacks carried out by the most radical left. We have to understand that throughout history, the Spanish people and millions of Hispanics have played a crucial role in the origin and development of the United States.

We should only support political representatives who value our legacy, contributions and respect our customs.

If politicians want our vote, I would say tell them to be cautious with their decisions. We are the largest minority in the United States, and we are organizing ourselves to publicly denounce them if necessary and never vote for them again.

To Republican party members, you should learn something from Donald Trump and defend your country.

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