Democratic Party Opposes Facilitating Regime Change in Venezuela

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Democratic Party opposes promoting regime change in Venezuela (EFE).

Spanish – Over five million Venezuelans have escaped the hunger, persecution, and poverty that have been prevailing since socialism took power in the country. In response, the Trump administration has imposed economic sanctions on those responsible. Meanwhile, however, the U.S. Democratic Party rejects “regime change” in a draft published last Tuesday that will be adopted next month.

“The United States should not impose regime change on other countries,” says the Democratic Party’s draft platform where the Democrats “reject [regime change] as the goal of American policy.” They apply this logic to both Venezuela and Iran.

Likewise, the Democratic Party “will reject President Trump’s failed Venezuela policy, which has only served to entrench Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorial regime and exacerbate a human rights and humanitarian crisis.”

“Democrats believe that the best opportunity to rescue Venezuela’s democracy is through smart pressure and effective diplomacy, not empty, bellicose threats.”

One part of the draft platform refers to Cuba. On this point, it clarifies that it will reverse the Trump administration’s policy towards the island.

The Democrats’ declaration not to encourage regime change “appears to be a victory for a coalition of progressive foreign policy groups that released an open letter last week asking future Democratic leadership to ‘oppose illegal U.S. efforts to forcibly overthrow foreign governments.’,” according to The National Interest.

Stephen Miles, executive director of the Win Without War, one of the signatories of the open letter, praised the Democratic Party’s decision: “We are glad to see the Democratic Party reject the failed policy of regime change.”

One of the organizations that signed the open letter, which was sent on July 14 to the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is CODEPINK, well-known for openly sympathizing with the regime of Nicolás Maduro and sabotaging acts of the Venezuelan opposition on American soil.

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