Cross accusations and negotiations in Argentina

Collector or no collector. Accusations about illnesses. Speculations before elections in Argentina (PanAm Post photo montage).

Accusations across the aisle characterized the latest political developments in Argentina as the country approaches the deadline for the registration of the presidential election candidates. A range of topics, including health issues was a part of the suspicions and speculations.

The health of Alberto Fernandez

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Former president Christina Fernandez de Kirchner announced the candidature of Alberto Fernandez along who she would be running for vice president. On Monday, Fernandez was admitted at Otademdi de la Ciudad hospital in Buenos Aires. The initial reports mentioned that he was at the hospital for routine check-ups. However, the news stories started changing as the hours passed. By Tuesday evening, reports spoke about severe pulmonary complications and even mentioned the possibility of embolism.

The news shook the political scene. Various versions of the incident started floating: CFK left the campaign of Alberto Fernandez, the presidential candidate was on the verge of death, he has taken up a different role in politics, possibly in the government, and is using his health as an excuse to give up his candidacy, and many other bizarre theories.

“To the joy of some and unfortunately for others, I am splendid,” Fernandez himself announced on the radio on Wednesday morning. Clearing up rumors about the resignation of a candidate, the former chief of staff said that he is still in the race and that his only mistake was not getting treatment medical earlier for a minor nuisance he had.

The candidate dismissed the rumor about embolism and said, “If that were the case, I could never have talked the way I’m talking, I’d be in intensive care.” He ended the debate saying that he had a “pleura infection” related to a “small clot in the lung” and that once he received the appropriate medication, he was in the hospital only for general check-ups as per the advice of his doctor.

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Massa accused the government of lying

Sergio Massa’s messages lack clarity. However, his party gave him approval to negotiate on all fronts. On Monday, a rumor began, and all political analysis programs coopted it. By Tuesday, everyone was talking about the “Vidal Collector” with non-Kirchnerista Peronism.

The media evaluated and analyzed the possibility of an agreement between Alternativa Federal and María Eugenia Vidal, candidate for the reelection of Cambiemos for Buenos Aires, to establish a “collector.” However, they did not reveal the source of this story. Developing a “collector” would mean that both the Cambiente and non-Kirchnerist Peronism political parties would have the current governor Vidal on the re-election ballot. One of the many versions of the story was that Mauricio Macri himself had approved the negotiation and that Sergio Massa was the man who was leading the way to close the deal.

Tigre’s former mayor denied the rumors from his official Twitter account and asked government officials to “govern” instead of engaging in political operations.

June 22nd is the deadline to register the candidates who will compete in the Simultaneous and Obligatory Primaries, which will be on August 11th. Two weeks before the deadline, obscurity is the only certain aspect of the elections.

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