“Chavez Has Already Given Venezuelans What Chileans Want Today,” Diosdado Cabello

Diosdado Cabello mainly referred to education and public health (EFE).

Spanish – Demonstrations in Chile continue, as does violence. The crowds are calling for a “change of system,” a new constitution with “social rights guaranteed by the state” and the dismissal of President Sebastian Piñera. Amid this situation, Diosdado Cabello, one of the most powerful men of Nicolas Maduro’s socialist regime, insisted that what the Chileans are demanding today is something that “President Hugo Chavez has already given to us in Venezuela.”

Every week, Cabello holds a press conference. In the most recent one, he once again spoke of the “Bolivarian winds,” “processes of unstoppable change, which had to come and are coming.” Chile is the most prosperous nation in the region. In a country where a primarily privatized system has operated for decades, those winds of change are calling en masse for the state to be the healthcare provider. To achieve this, they demand a constituent assembly, as happened in the countries of the 21st century: Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and, of course, Cuba in the 20th century.

Cabello was referring primarily to education and public health. However, the Venezuelan health system is precisely the area worst affected by the scarcity generated by socialism in this country. In fact, doctors are drowning to their death trying to escape by boat to Trinidad and Tobago in search of medicines that aren’t available in Venezuela because the regime controls the purchase of foreign currency to import and the expropriations have destroyed the national industry.

While Chile is one of the top 50 countries regarding access to and quality of healthcare, according to Lancet magazine, Venezuela has the worst healthcare system in the region.

Therefore, among the four million Venezuelan refugees, 22,000 Venezuelan doctors fled the country in search of better living conditions.

Similar to Chavez’s handouts, Cabello announced that Chileans are asking for pensions according to the minimum wage. What he didn’t say is that Chile has the highest minimum salaries in the region at 424 USD per month. Meanwhile, the monthly minimum wage in Venezuela is 7 USD after the recent “increase” this month. 

The Venezuelan minimum wage is not enough to cover the basic consumption basket (250 USD per month), and according to the Survey of Living Conditions (Encovi), 70.1% of households do not have money for healthy meals. As a result, more than 60% of Venezuelans go to sleep hungry, and 63.2% of adults only eat twice a day to feed their children better. Consequently, many Venezuelans have lost at least 11.4 kilos.

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Cabello took the opportunity to reiterate the new national strike that took place on Wednesday, 30th October: “There follows the march of indignity,” that the Chavista called “the awakening of the people.”

Since President Piñera shuffled his cabinet in response to the protests in the streets, Cabello said, “the problem is not the ministers, it’s you, Mr. Piñera.”

In other words, although Piñera gave in to the violence of the Chilean extreme left, as they flooded the streets with chaos, destruction, and even death through the fires in supermarkets and factories, the leader of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) said that the new measures adopted by the Chilean president are insufficient and that his dismissal is necessary.

Meanwhile, Piñera is pleased with the demonstrations when they are peaceful, overlooking the fact that the central demand is not only that he leaves, but they are against everything he represents: democracy, the republican structure, the preservation of the constitution, and the free market economy.

So Piñera has come across as weak and easy to corner to his allies and enemies alike, and is not seen as a did not see himself as a reliable arbitrator as he had intended. His adversaries have taken advantage of his limitations to remove him from power and take control of Chile.

Nicolas Maduro himself says, “Salvador Allende’s prophecy was fulfilled.” That’s why today, for the first time since Allende’s government in 973, Chileans have once again lined up outside the supermarket to stock up on groceries, just as happens in Venezuela and in every place where socialism is imposed.

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