11.24.19: Great Achievement

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Julio Borges, an exiled National Assembly deputy who now heads the opposition’s equivalent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on Venezuelans today to take inspiration from Bolivia and join together to oust Maduro from power.

Borges made the call through his official Twitter account on the eve of another round of nationwide protests set to take place tomorrow.

In his tweet, Borges said:

In Bolivia, the people, the international community and the military got together and stopped the growth of a dictatorship to restore democracy.

Today, all Venezuelans should take inspiration from this great achievement so that we can be free.

In referencing Bolivia, Borges is talking about the ouster of former president Evo Morales, who was effectively removed from office on November 10 following days of anti-government protests. The protests, which stemmed from allegations that Morales committed fraud in the October presidential election, reached their climax when the military “suggested” that Morales resign, forcing the president to flee the country.

Borges was president of the National Assembly for the 2017-2018 parliamentary session. Borges had his parliamentary immunity stripped in August 2018, and fearing imminent arrest, fled the country.

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