08.06.19: Opening Up

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Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to dedicate much time to the daily update today. I apologize.

The Colombia-Venezuela border re-opened today after being closed for approximately three and a half month, bringing relief to the thousands of people who rely on entering Colombia each day by foot.

The border was re-opened after Maduro gave the order to do so last night through his Twitter account. Maduro said:

In an exercise of our sovereignty, I have ordered the opening of the border crossings with Colombia in Tachira State starting this Saturday June 8. We are a peaceful people who firmly defend out independence and self-determination.

Maduro ordered the border closed on February 22 of this year in anticipation for the opposition’s attempt to bring in convoys of humanitarian aid from Colombia.

Barbara Uzcategui Sanz, who works with El Nacional in the region, told the newspaper that the Simon Bolivar International Bridge is still blocked with shipping containers that Maduro regime authorities placed there to stop traffic from getting through.

Sanz told the newspaper that despite the order, the situation at the border today is “practically the same” as it has been in recent weeks, and that people are still crossing the border irregularly through footpaths instead of at the official border crossings.

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