06.21.20: Executive Authorization

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Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez announced this evening that there were 128 new cases of COVID-19 in the country since yesterday, bringing the total since the outbreak began in March to 3,917.

During his press conference, Rodriguez reminded Venezuelans that starting tomorrow the entire country will enter a seven-day period of quarantine during which no one will be allowed to leave their homes unless they have been “authorized by the national executive”. This would include, for example, workers in essential sectors.

Axios: “Trump Could on Guaido”, Open to Meeting Maduro

Axios published an interview with U.S. president Donald Trump today on the topic of Venezuela.

In the interview, Trump expressed interest in personally meeting Maduro. He said:

I would maybe think about that. … Maduro would like to meet. And I’m never opposed to meetings — you know, rarely opposed to meetings (…) I always say, you lose very little with meetings. But at this moment, I’ve turned them down.

Trump has proven throughout his presidency his willingness to meet with even the most notorious pariahs. Most famously, Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un last year.

In the same interview, Trump attempted to express what was likely disappointment with Guaido. He said:

Guaidó was elected. I think that I wasn’t necessarily in favor, but I said — some people that liked it, some people didn’t. I was OK with it. I don’t think it was — you know, I don’t think it was very meaningful one way or the other.

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