06.01.20: Total Success

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There were long lines and confusion at gas stations around the country as the Maduro government rolled out a new set of price and sale guidelines aimed at bringing in more revenue for the country. Starting today, gasoline prices jumped from practically free (Bs. 0.00006 per litre) to Bs. 5,000 per litre, except at 200 privately-owned stations which sold the fuel at $0.50 USD per litre.

Some of the other regulations coming into effect include a limit of 120 litres per car per month at the subsidized price, as well as a new payment system called the Sistema Patria.

Efecto Cocuyo had a running Twitter thread today showing long lines at Caracas gas stations in Caracas. Below, some of that thread.

A long line of vehicles waiting to fill up at a gas station somewhere north of the Baralt avenue:

Two more lines: one for pumping at the La Estrella gas stations in the San Bernardino neighbourhood of Caracas (top), and

Long lines for gas were also observed in other regions of the country. The two images in the bottom tweet show vehicles waiting to fill up at a station in Saman de Apure, in Apure state:

The video in the bottom tweet below shows a line at a gas station in Guarenas, Miranda state:

Minister of Oil Tarek El Aissami said today that the roll-out of the new price and payment regulations was a “total success”.

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