05.23.20: The Tankers

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Venezuelan state media showed clips today of naval and air assets beginning their operation to escort the five Iranian oil tankers that are currently sailing through the Caribbean on their way to Venezuela. The ships, which are carrying gasoline, will help fill up gas stations across the country, many of which have been dry to varying degrees as Venezuela continues to navigate through severe fuel shortages.

The Telesur Twitter account shared a video showing a Venezuelan navy vessel out at sea a short distance away from shore. The same account also shared a video of a helicopter landing on the a Venezuelan navy vessel as part of the operation:

The first of the tankers is expected to arrive in Venezuela this weekend. with El Nacional reporting that it will dock at Puerto Jose in Anzoategui state.

In a tweet, the Venezuelan armed thanked the “solidarity of the Republic of Iran” for sending gasoline to the country aboard the vessels.

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