02.11.20: Coming Home

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Opposition leader Juan Guaido made his highly anticipated return to Venezuela from a weeks-long international tour today, sparking clashes between pro and anti-government demonstrators at the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia, just north of Caracas.

While Guaido was going through passport control at the airport, he was informed by the immigration officer that he would retain his national identification card for reasons that are not clear. As Guaido attempted to reason with the officer, a woman wearing a red shirt followed by a man who was recording her approached Guaido.

As the woman approached Guaido, she said “you are a traitor!” and began to berate him:

The woman in red was identified as Dubraska Padron, a “political coordinator” at Conviasa, the state-owned airliner.

Dubraska continued to harass Guaido as he moved to the arrivals area of the airport:

Another woman in red, allegedly also working with Conviasa, threw a drink at Guaido as he walked through the airport and insulted him:

In another video, the same pair–the woman in red and the man in blue–can be seen moving through the airport towards the passport control area. NTN24, a Colombian news outlet, identified the man in blue as Colonel Franco Quintero, who heads the airport’s security:

The video below shows the chaotic scenes at the arrivals area as a crowd of supporters and journalists gathered to witness Guaido’s return:

There was chaos outside of the airport as well, where pro-government demonstrators attacked journalists who were there to cover the event:

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